Personnel providing services "Recruitment"

Personnel providing services "Recruitment"
Personnel providing services "Recruitment"
Personnel providing services "Recruitment", photo 2
Retail price: tg. 40,000 / service
Wholesale: from tg. 25,000 / service
Кумисбеков Данияр Буранбаевич, коммерческий директор
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Following the company's interests - customers, "Alliance Consulting Company" successfully implemented "the selection and search for" qualified specialists for various business segments in the areas like: marketing, energy, law, information technology, logistics, construction, wholesale and retail trading, manufacturing.

removed the legal responsibility to employees reduced the number of employees in the staffing reduces the cost of recruitment and dismissal of staff reduces the amount of HR administration and associated costs optimizes the number of employees in accordance with the actual business volumes We specialize in providing services, so are interested in reducing costs and expanding the total range of services.
legal responsibility before employees is relieved
the number of employees in the staff list is reduced
costs of selection and personnel dismissal decrease
the volume of personnel office-work and the expenses connected with it decreases
the number of employees according to real volumes of business is optimized
we specialize on service providing therefore we interested in reduction of expenses and expansion of the general range of provided services.
"Alliance Consulting Company" can provide the production staff: welders, fitters, cement workers, engineers KIP, senior managers, to provide a full range of search and selection of specialists.
Personnel selection of financial services for various sectors of the economy.
Selection of technical experts.
Selection of top managers.
Direct recruitment, outsourcing, outstaffing.

We help you to find out professional candidates. Recruiting staff: find required candidate, outsourcing, outstaffing. Applying to our agency, you will get the best choice of personnel, operational work and solve all the problems in the market!


Outstaffing - removing personnel from the state.

Service for the staff removal from the company's staff (staff leasing) regulates the actual number of employees without changing staffing levels. Using the outstaffing service, your company can focus on core business, passing the auxiliary functions of the professionals «Alliance Consulting Company».

The need for Outstaffing occurs if the company: calculates optimize the cost of staff plans to reduce staff size without loss of qualified personnel; expects to receive temporary assistance for a particular project without being set in the state; interested in reducing the administrative costs of HR administration and accounting; has limitations on the number of personnel; wants to pass the interaction with labor and tax inspections to qualified personnel.

When use outstaffing «Alliance Consulting Company» LLP becomes the legal employer and assumes the following issues: hiring and dismissal in accordance with the law and within the specified search terms HR administration monthly payment and the advance payment of wages and clearance certificates, insurance policies CHI and evidence pension insurance consultation of employees on labor relations opening individual bank account to transfer salary calculation and payment of the established income and social taxes maintaining tax reporting briefings on health and safety.

Advantages of working with «Alliance Consulting Company» for the removal of personnel of the company (outstaffing) qualified team of professionals (accountants, lawyers, HR managers and HSE specialists). personal manager, leading your project is an individual approach to each client, flexible terms and conditions.

We will be happy to answer all your questions about the Outstaffing services!

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