Kamiyeva Lora

41 год, Атырау, высшее образование
+7 (708) 966-XX-XX

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ищу работу в Атырау, удаленная работа

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Болашак_Атырау, Атырау
7 лет 5 мес
янв 2012 - Настоящее время
More than 10 years’ successful experience in translation service in leading local oil/gas companies as Technical Translator
• since last five years working as Lead Contracts Specialist, I am adept in contract management;
- and would like to involve for additional job as freelancer translator for part/free time;
•written translation of material from English/Russian into the Russian/English, ensuring that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible.
•work on commercial, educational, legal, literary, scientific and technical documents.

Высшее образование

Astana, RoK _ Kazakh Humanitarian Law University (KazGYuU), Astana
B. Sc. in International Law. / Qualification: International Lawyer
2 года 9 мес
сен 2012 - июн 2015
Almaty, RoK _ Central-Asian University, Almaty
B. Sc. in English Language / Qualification: Translator/Interpreter
2 года 9 мес
сен 2005 - июн 2008
Atyrau, RoK _ H. Dosmukhamedov State University, Atyrau
B. Sc. in Russian Language and Literature
3 года 9 мес
сен 1995 - июн 1999

Знание языков

Английский - продвинутый, Русский - свободно, Казахский

Дополнительная информация

Have a long term vision of the tasks that have to be performed, can provide quick responses to changes and unforeseen aspects that can appear;
 ability to coordinate a team to achieve a goal;
 acting ahead of the needs of the project/company to avoid stalled situations or backwards steps whenever possible;
 hardworking, punctual, sociable, team player.

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